Coaches are in the business of helping people make positive changes in their lives. A lot of their day-to-day activities revolve around teaching people how to exercise and eat healthy. There’s a good chance most coaches talk to clients about mindset and motivation too. If you can help a client recognize their potential for success and inspire them to make changes, you can create a life-changing transformation for that person. That all starts with you.


Brad Johnston - Founder/Head Coach

Brad specializes in functional and effective bio mechanics of the human body, where he breaks down movements from people and develops a well rounded body that is a major factor in people feeling healthier and moving effectively in their day to day lives. He wants to implement both worlds of boot camp training and losing weight.

Kim Petrie -

Co-Owner/Business Operations Manager

Kim found her passion for fitness in 2015, when she started to train 5 days a week. Kim strives to inspire members to achieve their fitness goals, and she knows the importance of being fit both mentally and physically as it makes you stronger to deal with life’s challenges in a more productive way. If you feel good physically, challenges are much easier to face!


Lainy Cuncins-Coach

I want to share my enthusiasm and love of fitness my goal is to encourage a happier healthier lifestyle. I want to help people realize what their body is capable of. With the right training program, determination and support, I believe anyone can achieve their fitness goals. I enjoy helping people strive to reach their fitness goals and help them to go one step further.


Abdul Safadie

Abdul has experience working with organizations such as Canada Soccer, Hamilton Sparta, Burlington Bayhawks, and spends much of his time with the Canadian Sport Institute gaining experience and providing services to numerous Provincial and National Sport Organizations. Abdul demonstrates strength or resistance training has been shown to improve strength, power and speed in a number of athletic populations. In addition to improving these physical qualities, strength training also has significant benefits for athletes in terms of increasing muscle mass and decreasing the risk of injury.