Whatever fitness level you are currently at, our classes are designed for you. Our Studio runs Lifestyle Classes in groups no larger than 12. They are designed to improve your body composition through weight loss, increase lean body mass, increase mobility, and functional movements to give you a complete fitness program. Our programs are designed and coached by experienced fitness professionals who incorporate the Keiser Pneumatic system that is specifically designed to improve your workouts along with significantly decreasing your risk of injury. Our goal is to not only provide you with the best workout but to help you get moving and feeling better in your everyday life.



Lifestyle Classes (AM)

Monday-Friday: Call for details

Personal Training:

We offer Personal Training for one $50 per hour.

$50 per hour share with 2 people.

$100 per hour share with 4 people.

Lifestyle Classes (PM)

Classes held Monday-Friday, click the button below: